We are an architectural firm located in Salta, which began its activities in 1990. We are dedicated to urbanistic development, independent projects and buildings. The main goal of the firm is to generate a simple and elementary architecture that speaks for itself and works with the materials, leaving them in sight, to show the virtues of each one.

Our work look towards offering a contemporary approach of the architecture from Salta: reinterpreting the concepts of the traditional buildings from the Argentinian north thought the use of conventional materials from this architecture and the search of the sustainability in our projects.

We consider our work as an emotional architecture that try to generate an impression on the visitors through the use of light and shadows, implementing the vegetation in the designs and it the fragrance; the presence of the water and the sound of it as it runs, the surprise factor or amazement for the visitors as they discover different heights, textures and colors incorporated in the designs.

The firm is composed by:


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