The Project will have a regulation that stipule:

  • Use of thermal aislation on the walls.
  • Orientation and ventilation appropiate of them.
  • Use of green energy, like solar panels and biological digesters for sewage´s treatment..
  • Water recycling.
  • Domestic organic watste clasification to use on the production of compost for a comunity vegetable garden, where the owners participate in the process.

Life outdoors don´t have to be just a concept but a truly lifestyle.

Quebreda de los Nogales is a new urbanistic approach, wich main goal is the sustentable development of residential areas.

It´s the first ecological entrepreneurship in Salta, wich first premise is the respect towards the environment, not as a commercial strategy but as a cosmovisión of the Project.

The main vision is the citizen in the environment, generating the minimun impact as possibe on it, promoting the rational use of means and energy not only in the development of the entrepreneurship but also in the building of the houses, producing, at the same time, less waste.

Quebrada de los Nogales looks towards the protection of the natural ecosystem, in a symbiotic cohabitation with the flora and the wildlife, preserving the environment for the future generations.

Master Plan


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